About us

The LGBTIQ Helpline is the place to go for all matters surrounding life as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, intersex, or queer person. It is a peer-to-peer advisory service and reporting office for anti-LGBTIQ violence. Our advisory services are open to all people who have questions and concerns regarding LGBTIQ life – no matter their own sexual orientation or gender identity.

What do we do?


Advice for and by queer people

All our advisers are LGBTIQ themselves. They have reflected on their own sexual orientation and gender identity and their innate variation in gender characteristics, have come out and know what those seeking advice are talking or writing about. They take the time to listen to you and are there for you. You can ask them all of your questions and you can share your experiences with them.

They are trained volunteers but not professionals. Their peer-to-peer advice does not replace psychotherapy. As people with similar experiences, however, they can better empathise with your situation and build a relationship of trust. And when the advisers notice that a professional (legal advisor, psychologist, psychiatrist, specialist services) is needed, they will give you the appropriate address.


Reporting office for hate crimes

Those who have experienced anti-LGBTIQ violence should report the incident to the LGBTIQ Helpline – regardless, whether you want to file a report to the police or not. Witnesses of anti-LGBTIQ violence can contact us. Your report will help to protect both you and every other person that was or still could be affected. Additionally, our advisers at the LGBTIQ Helpline offer support and can, if needed, refer you to specialists for victims of violence or search therapists for you.

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