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At the LGBTIQ Helpline, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, intersex, and queer people are committed to volunteer work. Would you like to join our advisory team and advocate for LGBTIQ people? At the moment we are mainly looking for trans*, inter and non-binary people, queers with experiences of racism or migration background.

Those interested…

  • have German language skills sufficient to praticipate in training and further education held in German.
  • have a close connection to the realities of life of the queer target group and identify as LGBTIQ.
  • have come out in more than one area of life, were able to reflect on their experiences and are ready, if necessary to talk about their own (coming out) experiences.
  • are ready to talk openly about love, sexuality, and gender.
  • are aware of their own personal boundaries and are able to set and communicate them where necessary.
  • enjoy conversation and are ready and able to advise people in writing or by phone.

Get involved – support us as an advisor

Get involved with the LGBTIQ+ Helpline and support the queer community in Switzerland.  

Become an advisor